Secure Real Time and Scheduled Backup and Sync

AnyFileBackup can sync, backup, replicate, and mirror FTP, LAN, Amazon S3, GoogleDrive, MS OneDrive, corporate servers, and local folders, and more.

It has customizable set of reach features, includes file compression, encryption / decryption, filtering, macro strings, additional actions, and more.

AnyFileBackup remains easy to use and configure. Works in a background and does not need continuous interaction with a user.

Copy from LAN, FTP, cloud, or mailbox

Make backup copies of nearly everything:
  • network folders,
  • FTP servers (incl. VMS and TFTP),
  • cloud storages (Amazon S3, MS OneDrive, Google Drive),
  • HTTP servers,
  • and mailboxes.
  • Copies may be identical, mirroring the source, or selective, when only relevant files are backed up (new, changed, or satisfying selected criteria).

Replicate to LAN, FTP, cloud, or mailbox

Replicate files to folders located on network, FTP or HTTP server, cloud, as well as to mailbox. Speed up replication with FTP-to-FTP direct file transfer, FTP compression (Mode Z), and ‘before replication’ ZIP compression of files (one file – one archive, or all files to a single archive).

Secure copying with protocol or file encryption

Protect file backup with either or both: secure protocols and file encryption. Secure protocols include SLL, SSH, and TLS which turn FTP into FTPS or SFTP and HTTP into HTTPS. Before copying files may be protected with PGP, AES, DES, ZIP and other trustworthy file encryption algorithms. On the top of that access to AnyFileBackup itself is secured with password-protected accounts with various permissions.

Real-time on-the-fly backup

Keep two locations identical at all times with on-the-fly synchronization that ensures that local and network folders are synched in real-time and their content remains the same. This means that new and changed files from one folder are immediately copied to another, and files deleted from one folder are also deleted from another.

Fully automated backup

‘Once configured, works forever’ approach is at the core of AnyFileBackup. When you set up a task and set its schedule (periodical, daily, CRON, linked etc) permitting it to start with user logon (as an application or a system service), AnyFileBackup will require no interaction or maintenance. If configured, it will occasionally send to you reports about its activities.