Frequently Asking Questions


How to transfer the files over SFTP (secure FTP), FTPS (FTP over SSL)?

Install Secure Protocol Extension to enable file transfer through secure protocols like SFTP/FTPS.

Does AnyFileBackup support the HTTPS?

Yes, it does. Install Secure Protocol Extension to enable file transfer through HTTPS.

What encryption formats does File Encryption Extension support?

File Encryption Extension supports BLOWFISH, DES, TRIPPLE-DES and AES cryptography algorithms providing a strong data security.

Does AnyFileBackup copy an Encryption file attribute on NTFS partitions?

Yes, it does.


What SMTP authorization methods does AnyFileBackup support?

To improve the security of the mail and file transfer AnyFileBackup supports several methods of client authentication:

How to backup files to mailbox?

AnyFileBackup can replicate any file to recipients mailboxes. Select "Transfer files to e-mail" option in the New Task wizard:

How to send Windows Event log files by email?

With AnyFileBackup you can send a list of events recorded in the Windows Event logs by email:
Select "Monitoring" item in the New Task Wizard:

Select "Event Log" as a task source:

What email formats does AnyFileBackup support?

With AnyFileBackup you can send email messages in plain text or HTML format.

Can I specify an email address receiving notifications about errors and problems?

Yes, you can. Add your email address to recipient list under the ’Error Handling‘ heading of the Settings window:

You can also specify whether you want to receive a separate email with information about errors or receive one single email with this information.


Does AnyFileBackup support data compression?

File Compression Extension compresses every file before it is sent.
Files sent over FTP protocol can be compressed on the fly if the FTP server supports MODE Z compression.

What compression formats are supported by File Compression Extension?

The File Compression Extension supports the most common ZIP compression algorithm.

Does Event Log Extension support custom Windows Event log files?

Yes, it does. AnyFileBackup follows event log files installed by any application (i.e. other than System, Security and Application event logs). This includes its own event log created by Log Redirect Extension.
We advise to read about Ascella Log Monitor Plus.

Can I manage AnyFileBackup from a remote computer or over Internet?

You can view how AnyFileBackup works and manages the tasks with any browser from local network or Internet.


How to replicate locked files (MS Outlook, MS Excel, SQL server database, etc.).

Enable the "Copy the file snapshot" option in the Task source properties window:

This option supports Windows VSS (Volume Shadow copy Service) service and VSS service must be activated on local computer. This option can be enabled only on 32-bit version of Windows.

What happens in case of copy error?

If an error has occurred when task is being executed then:
AnyFileBackup sends an email to an address(es) specified in the recipient list of the Settings window:

You can also specify whether you want to receive a separate email with information about errors or receive it in one email message.
AnyFileBackup starts the repeat timer executing the task according the settings in the "Error Handling" of the Settings window:

These settings specify a number of attempts to restart the task if an error occurred and an interval between these attempts. Also these values can be specified separately for each task in the task Advanced Settings section:

What is CRON?

The CRON is an expression which defines the parameters of the periodical schedule.

CRON parameters are specified with CRON language – a special language for describing when a command should be executed. This is one of the most powerful languages designed for that purposes.

Service mode vs Application mode

When Application mode is used AnyFileBackup shall be run after the user log on to Windows. Service mode is used to launch AnyFileBackup without user’s login to Windows. It can be automatically launched when Windows is booting and it operates in a background.
AnyFileBackup supports both modes:

Does AnyFileBackup create a log of files processed?

Yes, it does. AnyFileBackup records any details related to every operation of tasks. It is possible to view logs both in HTML and in plain text formats:

Logs can be send to a recipients from a list by email or saved to file on local or remote computer.

Can I specify timeouts for Internet protocol?

Yes, you can. The timeouts for SMTP, PING (ICMP), POP3, FTP/HTTP protocols can be changed manually:

All values are specified in seconds.

Does AnyFileBackup copy file attributes and NTFS permissions?

Yes, it does. AnyFileBackup can copy the file's attributes (System, Read Only, Compressed, Hidden, Archive, Encrypted) as well as NTFS permissions.

How do task types differentiate?

AnyFileBackup supports a wide range of replication and monitoring modes:

Is it possible to filter files by date, size?

Yes, it is. The files can be filtered by date, date and time interval, file size and file attributes (System, Read Only, Compressed, Hidden, Archive, Encrypted):

Can I specify a file copy order?

Yes, you can. The following copy orders are available: Native, By name (A...Z), By name (Z...A), Older the first, Newer the first, Smaller the first, Larger the first:

What does "Safe copy" mean?

Usually when a newer file replaces an older file then the older file is deleted before the newer has been copied. If the copying has not been completed successfully the older file will be lost. When "Safe copy" is enabled the newer file is copied with a temporary file name and, if copying is successful, is renamed. So, the older file will never be lost if copying has failed for some reason.

Does AnyFileBackup support a file versioning?

Yes, it does. AnyFileBackup can add to the original name of the file being copied (i) a copy number, (ii) date and (iii) time:

Is AnyFileBackup able to run applications and execute scripts?

Yes, it does. It is able to run any external application, batch files (*.bat, *.cmd), Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) (*.vbs), Windows Script (WScript) and others. The application and scripts can be run when specified condition is met (on success, on error, etc.). It is possible to use replication details (file name, date and time, any messages) as command line parameters for application or script which is being launched:

Is AnyFileBackup able to play sounds?

No, because it is not an audio player. However, you can specify a sound and launch your media associated application to play it.

Server module: "Stop" vs "Terminate".

When AnyFileBackup manages a large number of tasks it may need some time to stop these tasks after you click "Stop". If you don't want to wait you may terminate it and immediately free computer memory. However, we don't encourage using "Terminate" option because some critical task data may be lost or corrupted.

Why the server module doesn't start as a Windows service?

Verify a service account password.

I need to copy shorter files first. Is it possible?

Yes, it is. Select the appropriate copy order in the task settings:

Does AnyFileBackup work with a WebDav protocol?

No, it doesn't. We are going to add WebDav support in future.

How to exchange data between tasks?

Use the environment variables provided in the task actions section:


What is a license policy?

Purchasing a AnyFileBackup or Extension license you can use on one computer.

What is an upgrade policy?

Free updates for AnyFileBackup are provided within one year as of the date of purchase a licence for AnyFileBackup.

What are the limitations of a trial version?

Trial version requires restart every 8 hours of work.
Task autostart is disabled.

How many tasks does AnyFileBackup able to manage?

In principal the number of tasks is unlimited.
The basic configuration of AnyFileBackup manages up to 50 tasks. Installing Additional Tasks Extension increases the number of tasks by 50 tasks per license of Additional Tasks Extension (i.e. the more license the more tasks AnyFileBackup can manage).

How often are new versions released?

Usually a new version of AnyFileBackup is released quarterly or more often.

What does "Subscription" mean?

Every purchaser of a license for AnyFileBackup is entitled to a priority support and free product updates within one year as of the date of the purchase. If you decide to prolong this service for the next period you can purchase a subscription license and enjoy these privileges for the next year or longer.