Main Window
The main screen of AnyFileBackup with tasks’ controls, status, groups, and log of all AnyFileBackup backup, sync, monitoring, and clean-up activities.
Main window Event log view

New Task Assistant
A step-by-step wizard that helps you to create backup, sync, monitoring, or clean up tasks in a matter of minutes without any prior knowledge of AnyFileBackup.
Task type selection Backup: sources selection
Monitoring: selection of objects Replication modes
File transfer methods Schedule types
Application Settings
Global configuration settings of AnyFileBackup. They influence all backup, sync, monitoring, and clean up tasks and activities for all users, administrators or not.
Settings window Extension list
Common and network settings Service control
Task Properties
Properties of a particular backup, sync, monitoring, or clean up task. Here may be configured (i) the order of actions within a task and (ii) the properties of a particular action. It is also possible to add and remove actions from the task.
Folder replication Replication over FTP
Website as a source Mailbox as a source
Free space monitoring Extended file filter
Accounts Management
Configuration of rights and privileges for a particular AnyFileBackup user. This may include limiting the remote management of AnyFileBackup, access to certain (as opposed to all) task groups only, preventing a user from controlling tasks or changing their settings as well as setting a password to access AnyFileBackup.
Remote account manager FTP account manager
HTTP account manager Account manager for mailbox
Account manager for mail server Email recipients manager
Users accounts manager  
Task Actions
Activities that AnyFileBackup can perform as a part of any backup, sync, monitoring, and clean up tasks. The list includes launching/stopping applications, system services, and other AnyFileBackup tasks, setting system variables, shutting down the computer, etc. at any stage of backup, sync, monitoring, and clean up tasks.
Application launching Execution of system commands
Another tasks launching Applications shutdown
Control over services  
Messages and Notifications
The ways AnyFileBackup communicates with its users keeping them updated on the status and progress of any aspect of its backup, sync, monitoring, and clean-up activities. This includes conventional e-mail, SMS, LAN messages, and various messengers.
Sending notifications to computers Sending messages to email
Writing customizable records to a log file  
The configuration of an event when backup, sync, monitoring, or clean-up task starts. The range is remarkable and varies from manual launch to professional CRON schedule.
Periodical schedule Daily schedule
Settings for creating standard and custom reports about AnyFileBackup backup, sync, monitoring, and clean-up activities happened during a defined period.
Report generation