Corporate Discounts

We have various corporate discount plans, which can be further adjusted to your circumstances. By default, we offer World Licence, Country Licence, Area Licence, and Office Licence. Terms and conditions of these are available on request. As circumstances may vary, we encourage our current and prospective customers to contact us directly describing their needs. This will help us to offer you the best prices and additional benefits. Please use our contact page to get in touch with us. We normally reply in 24 hours, including weekends, or even quicker.

Discount Scheme for Non-Profit Organisations

(please note that this not legally binding terms; for full terms and conditions please click here)

50% discount to AnyFileBackup will be provided to a non-commercial nongovernmental organisation, which is:

  1. a university,
  2. a school,
  3. a charitable organisation which significantly contributes towards advancement of either
    1. protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms,
    2. increase of accessibility of education,
    3. conduction of fundamental researches in any area of science or humanities that will benefit the humanity, or
    4. protection of the environment,
  4. a hospital or other medical establishment which provides medical services to the general public on non-discriminatory basis, and (or) conducts medical researches which do not involve experimentation on the higher primates,
  5. an international non-profit nongovernmental organisation, or
  6. other non-profit nongovernmental organisation, institution, establishment, etc. which shares and actively promotes values outlined in section (iii)(a)-(d) above.

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