Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") settle the basic contractual principles and terms of relations between you (hereinafter referred to as "You" or the "Customer") and AAR Innovations (hereinafter referred as the "Company") related, but not limited to: (a) usage of the website www.any-file-backup.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), (b) Website content and resources, and (c) procedure for ordering software developed by AAR Innovations and available on the Website (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Products" and each individually as the "Product"). Using the Website or any part thereof and (or) downloading the Products and (or) placing an order for purchasing any Product means that Your fully understand the Terms and express your irrevocable, unconditional, full, and final agreement with and acceptance of the Terms in their entirety.


All Materials contained on this Website are provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. The Company disclaims all warranties of any kind including all warranties and conditions of merchantability whether express implied or statutory, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. Any use of the Materials of this Website is at Your own discretion and risk and You are solely responsible for any damage to Your computer system, including but not limited to loss of data.


All orders for the Products shall be placed through an order processing company, which can be authorised to act as such by the Company from time to time (hereinafter referred to as the "OPC"). Specific terms of payment are subject to payment terms and conditions of the respective OPC.

Please note that all prices for the Products are indicated in Euro (EUR), therefore, the payments will be carried out in Euro (EUR) or in any other currency which is available on a website of the OPC which will be converted into Euro (EUR) at the rate of the OPC.

The Website operates on an "invitation to treat" basis and not as an "offer for sale". For this reason the Company reserves a right to decline any orders without explanation at its own unrestricted discretion.

After placing an order with the OPC no refunds or order cancellations are possible for whatever reason (including, but not limited to mistake or change of circumstances). If You believe that an order has been placed in a cause of fraud or as a part of other criminal affair, the Company may consider a refund provided that You have provided to the Company's satisfaction such documents and evidences as it may think fit to confirm the existence of an alleged criminal act (which may include, inter alia, official reports of state authorities confirming illegal transactions, judgement of conviction of a competent court and others).

[This paragraph relates only to orders for which 'purchase order' has been selected as a payment method on the OPC website] If the Customer is purchasing any Product with a purchase order, by placing such order with the OPC the Customer (a) makes a binding contractual promise to the Company that the amount due under the purchase order will be credited to the OPC's bank account as soon as possible but not later than thirty (30) calendar days as of the date of placing of the respective order with the OPC (hereinafter referred to as the "Promise"), (b) understands that in consideration for the Promise the Company will deliver to the Customer Product licence keys before the purchase order has been be credited to the OPC’s bank account, (c) understands that the Company relies on the Customer's Promise and that any delay in paying the purchase order is causing financial loss to the Company, (d) agrees to pay one (1) per cent interest on the sum due to the Company under the purchase order for every calendar day of delay (that is a period which starts on the thirty first (31st) calendar day as of the date of placing of the respective order with the OPC and ends on the day when the amount due to the Company under the purchase order is credited to the OPC’s bank account (hereinafter referred to as the "Delay Period")), (e) agrees that at any time within the Delay Period the Company may revoke all and any Product licence keys which have been sent to the Customer in reliance to his Promise, (f) agrees that the Company has no duty to restore any licence keys so revoked until the purchase order and the interest occurred during the Delay Period have been paid in full, and (g) agrees that if any licence keys have been revoked and subsequently restored, these keys will be effective as if they have been issued on original date of placing of the respective order with the OPC.

Relations between the Customer and the OPC are subject to terms and conditions established by such OPC, which it may change upon its own discretion without notice. The Company will not be held responsible for any actions or failure to act and (or) damage caused to the Customer by any OPC and (or) OPC’s employees and (or) OPC’s affiliates and (or) OPC’s contractors.

The Company will not be held responsible for pricing errors due to software malfunctions, or human error.


Product license keys are delivered within two business days as of the business day following the day of placement of the order for the Product(s) with authorised order processing company. Product license key will be delivered via email to Your mailbox specified in Your order for the Product(s). In the exceptional cases, the delivery may be delayed. You will be notified if Your Product license key cannot be delivered in time.

The delivery of the Products recoded on the CD (Compact Disk) or any other removable media (if provided) may take up to two full business weeks and subject to delivery terms and conditions of the respective authorised order processing company and its delivery service provider.


We collect only the basic personal data required to generate Your personal Product license key. Order processing company and delivery service provider may collect additional personal data required to process Your order for the Product(s).

The Company will not release Your name, address, email address or any other data about You and Your order for the Product(s) to any outside party unless otherwise provided for applicable legislation.

The Company does not guarantee the security of any information transmitted to or from the Website and the sites of the order processing companies and delivery service providers. You should carefully read information available on the web site of the order processing company to ensure the security of the information transmitted to or from it.


See respective section of the License Agreement, which accompanies each Product.


All information, communications, software, scripting, pictures, text, video, graphics, music, sounds, images and other materials and services (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Materials") available on the Website are intended for guidance only and may be used for informational and non-commercial or personal use only.

The Website is regularly updated. Products and prices thereto are subject to change without notice.


All Materials available on the Website are the property of the Company or the property of their respective owners and is protected by local laws and international treaties.


All trademarks that appear on the Website are the property of their respective owners.


You shall not use the Website and its Materials for any purpose that is unlawful or by any means prohibited under the Terms. You shall not use the Website and its Materials in any manner, which may directly or indirectly harm the Company or other parties or adversely affect the Website functionality or its use by others.

You shall not attempt or obtain from or through the Website any Materials that are not already and intentionally made available from or through it.


Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any kind of damages indirect or consequential, including, without limitation loss of profits or revenues and/or costs of replacement goods and all damages resulting from, inter alia, (i) downloading of any Product available, (ii) use of the Materials available on the Website, (iii) Company's failure to provide services, whether in action of contract, negligence or other tortuous action even if the Company was informed in advance of the possibility of such damages.


The Company reserves a right to change these Terms at any time at its own unrestricted discretion and without notice. Such changes shall have a retrospective effect unless otherwise provided therein.


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