File Encryption Extension

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This extension adds a file protection feature to AnyFileBackup helping to prevent unauthorized access to files by encrypting them with powerful encryption algorithms when these files are transferred via internet or local area network.

Supported algorithms

The following encryption algorithms are supported:


AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is the replacement for the Data Encryption Standard (DES). It is a symmetric block cipher with variable key lengths and block sizes. It supports 128, 192, and 256-bit keys and 128-bit blocks.


Blowfish is a symmetric block cipher with key lengths from 32 bits to 128 bits with the block length 64 bits. The algorithm is patent, royalty, and license free. Blowfish has been extensively analysed and it is acknowledged as a strong cipher.


DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm was the first encryption standard. DES is a symmetric block cipher. The key length is usually quoted as 64 bits, but in reality only 56 bits of these 64 participate in the encryption algorithm. DES was extensively analysed and is now accepted to be a strong algorithm, except for one area: the key length. A 56-bit key is within the reach of brute-force attacks using a network of high-powered machines. DES should therefore only be used for temporary data; data that would be out-of-date before someone brute-force cracked an encrypted message.


PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a software algorithm for file encryption and decryption that uses public and secret keys for that purpose. You can read more about this algorithm at the Wikipedia:


Triple-DES since DES's 56-bit key is too short to counter brute-force attacks, several modifications to the DES standard have been proposed in order to strengthen it. The most successful of these is the Triple-DES algorithm. Triple-DES is three times slower than DES however the cipher is much more secure than simple DES. It uses two keys as a single 128-bit value and follows the encrypt-decrypt-encrypt process with blocks 64 bits long.


ZIP encryption can be used if the 'File Encryption' extension is used in conjunction with the 'File Compression' extension enabling to set password to ZIP-compressed files. This makes transfer of these files both safer and quicker.
Legal notice

Some countries restrict, or even prohibit, the use of software that encrypts data. If you intend to use this extension, we strongly advise you to seek an independent legal advice whether any relevant laws and (or) regulations may apply (i) in a country where AnyFileBackup with the File Encryption extension will be used to encrypt files and (ii) in a country where such encrypted files will be received.

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