TFTP Extension

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This extension adds TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) protocol support to AnyFileBackup. TFTP is used to transfer files and has the functionality of a very basic form of FTP. Usually it is used for transmission of files to LAN routers and switches, IP-phones, for booting of diskless workstations.

TFTP at glance

These are the most common TFTP features:


uses UDP port 69 as its transport protocol


has no authentication


cannot list directory contents


is used to read files from, or write files to, a remote server


supports three different transfer modes: "NETASCII", "OCTET", and "MAIL"


has a file size limit of 32 MB
Supported parameters

TFTP supports the following parameters:


'Transfer mode': binary transfer (OCTET) and text modes only. In the binary mode files are moved byte by byte.


'Host': the remote host name or address.


'GET': transfer file from a remote host to a local computer.


'PUT': transfer file from a local computer to a remote host.


'Source': the file to transfer.


'Destination': where to transfer files to.
TFTP limitations

When Source or Target is accessed via TFTP, the following options are not supported for that Source or Target:


any filter other than the 'Full Filter' in the Primary File Filter;


move and delete file operations;


file renaming;


file replacement;


subfodlers scanning;


user name and password;




security modes other than 'None';


some other FTP options.
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