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This group of option defines users' permissions to access, configure, and manage AnyFileBackup and its tasks.




User name

A log in name that is used to access this account. The name is case neutral that means it does not distinguish between upper or lower case letters.


A secret combination of symbols that is used to access your server, computer, or account.

Confirm password

Retype the password to confirm that it was entered correctly.


If enabled, this account will be active and a person who knows user name and password associated with this account will be able to use them to access AnyFileBackup.


If enabled, a user with this status will have all permissions available and will be able to set permissions for any other users. This means that if there are two administrator accounts, then one will be able to set a new password for another or remove the administrator's status of another.




Activate/deactivate tasks

A permission to activate and deactivate task(s) and start tasks manually.

Start/stop Task Processor

A permission to start Task Processor as a system service and as an application, and to stop and terminate Task Processor. Configuring Task Processor is covered by the 'Edit program and extension settings' permission.

Edit program and extension settings

A permission to change all AnyFileBackup Program Settings and Extension Settings. This permission does NOT permit managing (change, add, delete) other users' access permissions -- only administrators are allowed to do this.

Remote access

A permission to AnyFileBackup remotely when the Remote Console extension is installed.

Access to reports

A permission to view, add new (including to create custom), and delete reports.

Edit task properties

A permission to change any task settings, including task group settings.

Access to groups

A permission to view and configure tasks in a particular group or groups; in other groups task names will remain visible but no task settings will be visible. To add a group right-click in this field and select a group from the list. Enabling this permission in itself does not permit a user to view or change task settings in the selected group. Enable the 'Edit tasks settings' above to permit changing task settings.




Account name

A name of the current account that will be displayed in account list. If left blank, the address (or number, or user name, or account ID, as the case may be) from General section above will be used as the account name.


Any notes related to this account.

Account ID

A unique identification number that may be used as a macro string parameter. This value cannot be changed.


A calendar date and time when this account was created. This value cannot be changed.


A calendar date and time when any of the properties of this account has been changed. This value changes automatically and cannot be changed manually.

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