Amazon S3 Cloud Account

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This group of option defines properties for key files that are used to access Amazon S3 buckets.




Access and secret keys are used to access Amazon S3 folders (known as 'buckets'). Please follow this guide to create new or find existing keys:


(1) If you already have created Amazon S3 'Access Key' and 'Secret Key', you may find them in a key file on your hard disk. If you do not have this file, there is no way to view a 'Secret Key' anywhere else. Therefore, you need to create another 'Access Key' and 'Secret Key'.


(2) If you need to create new 'Access Key' and 'Secret Key', please do the following:


(a) Log in to you Amazon S3 account at


(b) At the top right corner click on a username and then select the 'Security Credentials' item from the drop-down menu



(c) Click on the 'Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key)' item from the list



(d) Click the 'Create New Access Key' button. Please note, if you already have two (2) access keys, this button may be unavailable.



(e) In an opened window you will see your new 'Access Key' and 'Secret Key'. Please click the 'Download Key File' button to download a backup copy of these keys and store them securely.




Access key

An 'Access Key ID' for Amazon S3 account.

Secret key

A 'Secret Access Key' for Amazon S3 account.




Account name

A name of the current account that will be displayed in account list. If left blank, the address (or number, or user name, or account ID, as the case may be) from General section above will be used as the account name.


Any notes related to this account.

Used by the following tasks

A list of tasks that use this account.

Account ID

A unique identification number that may be used as a macro string parameter. This value cannot be changed.


A calendar date and time when this account was created. This value cannot be changed.


A calendar date and time when any of the properties of this account has been changed. This value changes automatically and cannot be changed manually.

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