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Event List

Log File



This group of option defines logging properties of AnyFileBackup.



Event List

Event List entries

A maximum number of entries in AnyFileBackup Event List displayed in the Main Window. For effective memory usage it is recommended to keep the default number of 200 entries.

Event List level

Type of events that will be displayed in AnyFileBackup Event List. It is generally recommended not to use the 'Debug' mode unless recommended by support service.



Log File

Logging is enabled

if enable, AnyFileBackup will keep tasks activity log in a log file as defined below.

Log file folder

A full path to a log file. When changed, the changes will take effect after Task Processor restarts.

Keep log data

A number of days during which log file records will be kept. After this timelimit expires, older records will be removed from a log file.


Set number of days to '0' (zero) to disable log file cleaning.

Old log records

Press the 'Remove' button to remove all records in AnyFileBackup log file that [records] have been created to date. The task processor must be launched to complete this task.

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