System Service Monitoring

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System Service




This option defines Source properties for a system service.



System Service

Service name

A name of a system service that is being monitored. To select a different system service, please use a drop down list and scroll up or down as may be necessary.

Service list

If a desired system service is not present in the system service list mentioned above, it may be because it has started recently and has not been added to the list. To update the list, click the 'Refresh' button.

Connect through
'--': you connect to a system service directly.


'Remote account': access to a system service requires a remote computer address, username, and password. Please read below how to select, access, and configure your account on a remote computer.
Account name

If you connect to a system service located on a remote computer, here you may select your pre-configured remote account. If there is none, or you need to create a new one, access remote account properties as described below.

Account properties

Click the 'Edit' button to access the Remote Accounts manager where you can create and configure your remote accounts. Detailed information about this can be found here.





This is a custom name that will be displayed in the Task Scenario instead of the default title. Press the 'Apply' button for changes to take effect.

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