Windows Event Log Monitoring

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System Event Log

Event Level

Event Parameter




This option defines Source properties for Windows Event Log.



System Event Log

Log name

A name of a log in Windows Event Log that is being monitored. To select a different log, please use a drop down list and scroll up or down as may be necessary.

Log list

If a desired log is not present in Windows Event Log list mentioned above, click the 'Refresh' button to update the list.

Connect through
'--': you connect to a system event log directly.


'Remote account': access to a system event log requires a remote computer address, username, and password. Please read below how to select, access, and configure your account on a remote computer.
Account name

If you connect to a log in Windows Event Log located on a remote computer, here you may select your pre-configured remote account. If there is none, or you need to create a new one, access remote account properties as described below.

Account properties

Click the 'Edit' button to access the Remote Accounts manager where you can create and configure your remote accounts. Detailed information about this can be found here.



Event Level

This is the category of events to be monitored. They are known as 'Levels' in Windows 7 / 8 and as 'Types' in Windows XP.


Indicates an existence of a serious problem that might affect functionality of the application that triggered the event and that is external to that application.


Indicates an existence of an issue that can affect the stability of some application(s) or the system generally if no prompt action is taken.


Indicates that some change has occurred and serves for information purposes. No action is generally required.

Audit success

Indicates that a user has successfully exercised his or her right.

Audit failure

Indicates that a user has been unsuccessful in exercising his or her right.



Event Parameter


Each Windows Even Log event has certain fields with parameters each of which can be monitored. The following fields are supported:


'ANY': means that AnyFileBackup will search for the selected value (see below) in the Event ID, Task Category, and Source fields of a Windows Even Log event.


'EVENTID': means the Event ID field of a Windows Even Log event.


'TASKCATEGORY': means the Task Category field of a Windows Even Log event.


'SOURCE': means the Source field of a Windows Even Log event.

The value of the parameter selected above. AnyFileBackup will search for this value and notify when the relevant one is noticed.


If this filed is blank, it will be considered by AnyFileBackup as 'any value' that is just another way to say that event parameter will be disregarded for filtering purposes: if a system event falls within the defined event level, then it will be reported.





This is a custom name that will be displayed in the Task Scenario instead of the default title. Press the 'Apply' button for changes to take effect.

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