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FTP Account




This option defines Source properties for FTP (file transport protocol) servers and folders.



FTP Account

Account name

Select a name of a pre-configured FTP account from the drop down list. If there is none, or you need to create a new one, access FTP account properties as described below.

Account properties

Click the 'Edit' button to access the FTP Accounts manager where you can create and configure your FTP accounts. Detailed information about this can be found here.

Source folder

A name of the FTP server directory, where Source files are located.


That should be a full path from the server's root but excluding the FTP server address.


Example: /FTP/IN/DATA/


A note on VMS FTP servers:

Notation: AnyFileBackup recognises whether a remote server runs VMS and automatically converts UNIX/Linux notation into appropriate VMS notation. Therefore, you must use usual UNIX/Linux notation for pointing to the remote directory ('/FTP/IN/DATA/') instead of VMS notation ('[FTP.IN.DATA]').


Passive mode: use FTP passive mode when connecting to a VMS-based FTP server.




Verify settings

Press the 'Start' button to direct AnyFileBackup to immediately launch this action. This will verify whether all above settings were entered correctly; all errors, if any, will be displayed in a log window.


This is a custom name that will be displayed in the Task Scenario instead of the default title. Press the 'Apply' button for changes to take effect.

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